React Component Library

  • UX challenges: E.g. if confirm button is blue on one page but then the cancel is blue on the next it can cause confusion.

Storybook to the Rescue!

First things first. The truth is that it takes time to build component libraries 😑. So often no one wants to build these. However, it is worth investing the upfront time.

How to Build Your Own Library

Building the componenets is the easiest part of building the library. Storybook has many add-ons you can use. You can start with vanilla Storybook and expand.

  • Unfinished components are ok. Build from the feedback of your users.
  • Have accesibility in mind.
  • Read Atomic Design Book to increase your knowledge and build a solid library with advanced components families.
  • Don’t forget the component checklist you can use as you build your library.
  • Check out the presentation video here.
  • Read this article.



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